Spiny seahorse

Posted by emikok on 4/16/2020

Observation details

When did you see it? Species guess Current ID
2020-04-15 Spiny Seahorse Spiny seahorse
Hippocampus histrix


daveharasti commented
Yes, a record that I never knew about until now.
@daveharasti Other than the Noel Conlon observation I added from Kurnell: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/42425532
markmcg commented
@emikok @andrewtrevor-jones @henrick @eschlogl I don't have this species in my list of Sydney Harbour fishes. Well done emikok! Another terrific observation. :)
markmcg commented
Thanks heaps @andrewtrevor-jones for letting everyone know the characters to use. I'll comment on the new observation. :)
I added Noel's observation here: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/42425532
@sascha_schulz Actually one was seen at Kurnell a few years ago by Noel Conlon but he didn’t add it to iNaturalist.
sascha_schulz commented
Previous southern record is Port Stephens. Courtesy of the @daveharasti project
emikok commented
Thank you for the ID. it is interesting to know this little Hippocampus histrix came down to Sydney on the EAC! I have checked it again today but I could not find it.
@markmcg The really long snout and narrow body, plus @humuhumufish told me it was histrix ;) ;)
markmcg commented
Thanks @andrewtrevor-jones. What characters are you using to distinguish this fish from H. whitei? :)
@daveharasti @humuhumufish
@eschlogl They have been seen in Sydney a few times before. This looks like a juvenile and so probably came down on the EAC.
eschlogl commented
@emikok Hmm, that would mean it's far from its normal range. @sascha_schulz @markmcg , what do you think?
emikok suggested an ID
eschlogl suggested an ID
emikok suggested an ID
@eschlogl my dive friend said this is Hippocampus histrix
sascha_schulz suggested an ID
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daveharasti suggested an ID
This is Hippocampus histrix and this is now the most southern record for Australia; it was previously considered Port Stephens. Nice one.
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