Trends monitoring

Taking citizen science to the next level

Protecting seahorses means knowing where wild populations are, how they are changing, and what threats they face. It also means knowing how and where different species are being caught and how the size of the catches are changing.

iSeahorse Trends is a monitoring program that does just that. It’s a global network of dedicated and enthusiastic seahorse population monitors ­— citizen scientists who gather rigorous scientific data on the changes to seahorse populations and fisheries over time and turn that data into conservation action.

We need your help!

Do you dive regularly in areas where there are seahorses? Do you live or work near a fishing port? Consider joining us. A background in marine science, conservation, or fisheries is useful, but not strictly necessary.

Learn more about how you can get involved:

  1. Become an underwater population trends monitor
  2. Become a catch (‘Landings’) trends monitor

Why monitor seahorse trends?

Trends data help to identify seahorse populations that are in need of further research and conservation management, and allow policy-makers and managers to set priorities based on scientific information rather than anecdotal observations. By sharing results, plus collaborating with and supporting local groups, we can all work to improve the fate of seahorses while engaging more people in ocean conservation.

Simply put, we need data to take action for seahorse conservation. Together we can take citizen science to the next level!