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We are a diving centre and marine conservation project based on the island of Koh Sdach on the West coast of Cambodia. We run regular dedicated seahorse survey dives and to date have 4 confirmed species and over 170 recorded individuals. Having recently been made iSeahorse Ambassadors, we will broaden our conservation efforts to include more education about seahorses to Cambodian schools, universities and community fisheries groups. Our landings surveys and personal observations show that seahorses and their allies, pipefish and sea moths, are being caught in large numbers purposefully in our archipelago by tube divers and accidentally in trawls. We hope to have some small impact on this and within 3 years there will be a marine protected area gazetted in this area and we hopefully can influence the boundaries to include some of the prime seahorse habitats. We also work with the local community and fishermen to reduce plastic and other waste entering the waterways here and reducing damage to the reef from discarded fishing net, and are studying the local reefs, fishes and endangered species.